Departamentos Académicos





Effective English literacy instruction has been a relevant issue in our school. Nevertheless it is known that developing these skills is a demanding challenge since there are many sounds Spanish speaking children aren´t used to. Therefore our school has implemented a special program for young learners in Elementary starting Year 3.


An extensive variety of teaching strategies are implemented through the school year in each level, for example: text book, workbook, movies, collaborative reading, group work, games, multi-media assisted reading, and content based vocabulary learning.


English instruction starts in Year 3 allowing the students to get a glimpse of the English language through games, videos and books. In Year 4 they start with a more rigorous English Instruction Program, specifically tailored for our school´s needs and initiate the learning of a second or third foreign language. School curriculum includes 4 hours of English Instruction per week

Since our school is bi-cultural, we recognize the need for cross- cultural awareness, this cultural reciprocity empowers both teachers´ and students´ classroom relationships.


We encourage our students to read, speak, listen to and write in English right from the beginning of their English classes. Students must write 2 exams per semester and also get a communicative oral skill grade.

Special Events

We take the students to the cinema when there are special children´s movie premieres.